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OLED 16x02 16*02 1602 Arduino library driver for 128x32 pixel displays is attached below. Upgrade your projects to use OLED technology with minimal effort or changes.

LCD 16x02

16 character by 2 line LCD displays (based on Hitachi driver chips) are very common and popular and this is due to their attractive price point and mature library driver support. Once the library is included, projects can display data with little more than a few lines of code to move the cursor and send the text.

However OLED displays are the future. They have lower power requirements and better contrast, and do not require a back light.

OLED 16x02 128x32

But now the price point of OLED displays is getting closer to that of LCD displays, at least for smaller panels. Using the common SSD1306 or SH1106 driver chip I have produced an Arduino library that is compatible to the LCD library. Just change the include and variable declaration, and you're away with the latest technology. The images you see here are a real-world example of a physical project being updated from LCD to OLED.

Included is code so that you may create and load your own character bitmaps onto the Arduino, as well as a couple of ready-made fonts. Please let me know if you find this library useful.

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Example LCD display (95.54 KB) 95.54 KB
Example OLED display (86.68 KB) 86.68 KB
SSD 1306 16x02 Arduino Library (47.44 KB) 47.44 KB

Daniel Blubaugh (not verified) Tue, 08/01/2019 - 16:11

There are several libraries you use that I can't seem to find do you have locations? oh and the captcha on this page is horrible I had to do it 12 times it was so difficult to read.

Ewan Tue, 08/01/2019 - 21:11

In reply to by Daniel Blubaugh (not verified)

Hi Daniel, I don't expect any problems so please share the errors with me so that I can explore further. I'll review the captcha but believe it or not, hundreds of spams are getting past it!