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2.8 Authentication

For commands that need to request a password, you enter the password at the Password prompt. To exit without making changes, issue an SSH BREAK.

The supplied username can be blank, in which case the username prompt can be skipped at login. The passwords can contain control characters such as back-spaces and deletes. You would need to remember the password including control characters to be able to login.

If you lose or forget all authentication passwords and keys you will need to perform a factory reset of the device to regain access.


Show a list of all the users that can access this device using a password or an SSH key.


Change the password of the currently logged in user account.


Set the password of user account user. If the user account does not exist, create it.


Remove user user. You cannot remove yourself, hence once a password has been set the device will always be password protected. This protection is removed by using the optional ! between DAD and user.