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Using the applications

For people running the applications using Java Web Start there are two options. Use the generic builds, or use the MS Windows builds. The generic builds use IPv6 and store all their configuration in /var/tmp. The servers will listen on the localhost network interface ::1/128. The MS Windows builds are degraded to use IPv4 and store all their configuration in the root directory of the current drive, i.e. \. These servers will listen on

The genealogy local database manages the local database of genealogy data. It stores its data in state.main.xml.

The distributed policy server accepts requests from the researcher registry server and the genealogy naming server and determines if a remote host can access some data and at what level of privilege. It reads its data from policy.main.txt. Each line in this file details a host name (or IP address), then a comma, then a policy. A policy of Unrestricted allows full access and a policy of Accept allows yellow pages access to the data only.

The researcher registry server serves a list of known genealogy naming servers. Its data is stored in registry.researcher.txt in comma separated values format with the following fields: freeform description,hostname,port.

The genealogy naming server serves genealogy data using white pages or yellow pages look-ups.

Finally, the genealogy distributed database is the application allowing the management of the genealogy data from a distributed perspective. This data includes the so-called local data as well because this local data is handled no differently from data on remote hosts. Persistent data is stored in state.distrib.main.xml.

Basic configuration

Distributed policy server


Researcher registry server

Researcher Name,::1,30100 for IPv6 or Researcher Name,,30100 for IPv4.


The best source of developer documentation can be found in the Java docs which are an amalgamation of all the sub-projects. Java 5 has been adopted as the UUID facilities were utilised for the distributed unique identifiers.

Java Web Start

Generic distributions (IPv6)

Specific distributions (IPv4, MS Windows)


Local Genealogy Database (superseded)

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