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Scandal of the women left in screaming agony by 'painless' procedures

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 23:13
As a former professional powerlifter, who represented Wales in international competitions, Lucy Cohen knows how it feels when the human body is pushed to its absolute limits.
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EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Sussexes' trademark bid for Archewell hits the skids in America

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 23:11
RICHARD EDEN: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's plans to trademark their entertainment and charity empire have fallen foul of U.S. lawyers.
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Saved by strangers! The people who have formed bonds with the Good Samaritans who saved them

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 23:00
We spoke to three people who nearly died - and the strangers who saved them - about their dramatic rescues and the bonds that have since formed between them.
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Geology: Ancient diamonds reveal Earth was ready for life's 'explosion' 2.7 BILLION years ago 

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 23:00
The atmosphere during the 'Neoarchean' period had a similar volatile makeup as today, researchers from the University of Lorraine, France, showed.
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Open Source Audio Editor Audacity Has Become 'Spyware'

Slashdot - Mon, 2021-07-05 23:00
Anyone deciding to download the free and open-source audio editor Audacity is being warned that the software may now be classified as spyware due to recent updates to its privacy policy. From a report: Audacity has been around for over 21 years and classes as the world's most popular audio editing software. On April 30, the Muse Group acquired Audacity with the promise that the software would "remain forever free and open source." However, as FOSS Post reports, last week the Audacity privacy policy page was updated and introduced a number of personal data collection clauses. The data collected includes OS version and name, user country based on IP address, the CPU being used, data related to Audacity error codes and crash reports, and finally "Data necessary for law enforcement, litigation and authorities' requests (if any)." The personal data collected can be shared with Muse Group employees, auditors, advisors, legal representatives and "similar agents," potential company buyers, and "any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court or other third party where we believe disclosure is necessary (i) as a matter of applicable law or regulation, or (ii) to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Everything you need to know about our post-lockdown rules

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:58
From July 19, masks are to become voluntary and there will no longer be legal limits on social contact in England, Downing Street confirmed today.
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Boris Johnson says law on face coverings will be axed... then sparks confusion

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:49
Boris Johnson triggered a row over masks today as he ditched the legal diktat on their use - but urged many people to continue wearing them.
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Couples lavished thousands on their big day... only to discover their planner was a fraudster

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:41
Nicky and Jason Asquith-Thorpe's wedding pictures show a couple enjoying what looks like the best day of their lives. But all bride Nicky remembers is tears after being conned by Dana Twidale.
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Wind warning as 50mph gusts forecast in Essex on Tuesday morning

This Is Total Essex - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:37
The Met Office has issued a yellow level warning from the early hours and through rush hour
Categories: Essex News

PRITI PATEL: This sickening trade in humans by vile gangs must end 

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:36
PRITI PATEL: On Sunday evening, I received a call from Border Force officials, who told me a family trying to cross the Channel had been separated.
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HENRY DEEDES sees Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing end of lockdown curbs 

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:32
HENRY DEEDES: The Prime Minister arrived at yesterday's Downing Street press conference a bundle of flustered energy. The movement in those flat feet of his was heavy and hesitant.
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Woman breaks down in tears as she is reunited with her birth mother on Long Lost Family

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:31
Lisa Phillips, 51, from Staffordshire, was raised by Sonia and Gerald Clark after being put up for adoption by Susan Atkins, 71, who was just 19 when she discovered she was pregnant.
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No-nonsense council officer Jackie Weaver recalls her travel adventures

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:14
This week council Zoom-call sensation Jackie Weaver checks in to our travel Q&A. She also recalls her earliest holiday memory, her holiday from hell and the item she can't travel without...
Categories: UK News

Sing a song of Office, a pocketful of why: ARM64 version running in a Pi

The Register - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:08
When the Pi was loaded/ with native Windows 11 bling... wasn’t it quite Armful, a somewhat speedy thing

The Register's adventures into the world of Pi-powered Windows 11 continued today with the installation of the ARM64 version of Microsoft's popular Office suite.…

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RICHARD KAY: Our beaming Queen heartened the nation and is honouring a agreement with her husband

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:07
RICHARD KAY: Just 11 weeks on from Prince Philip's funeral, when she looked so vulnerable and forlorn in her pew at St George's Chapel, the transformation was striking.
Categories: UK News

In Private Conversation, Hackers Behind Ransomware Outbreak Lower Demand To $50 Million

Slashdot - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:07
The hackers who have claimed responsibility for an international ransomware outbreak have lowered their asking price in a private conversation with a cybersecurity expert, something he said may be a sign the group was having trouble monetizing their massive breach. From a report: The REvil ransomware gang, also known as Sodinokibi, is publicly demanding $70 million to restore the data it's holding ransom after their data-scrambling software affected hundreds of small and medium businesses across a dozen countries - including schools in New Zealand and supermarkets in Sweden. But in a conversation with Jack Cable of the cybersecurity-focused Krebs Stamos Group, one of the gang's affiliates said he could sell a "universal decryptor" for all the victims for $50 million. Cable told Reuters he managed to get through to the hackers after obtaining a cryptographic key needed to log on to the group's payment portal. Reuters was subsequently able to log on to the payment portal and chat with an operator who said the price was unchanged at $70 million "but we are always ready to negotiate."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: We are The Sweeney, son, and we haven't got any degrees 

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:05
RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Why is Home Secretary Priti Flamingo entertaining an insane proposal from the College of Policing requiring all new recruits to have degrees?
Categories: UK News

DR CHRIS VAN TULLEKEN: My twin brother Xand hit 19 stone. I worry he'll die young

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:04
DR CHRIS VAN TULLEKEN: To look at Xand, you wouldn't particularly remark on his weight - he is tall and we have all adjusted to what looks normal. But his weight bothers me.
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Army's mental health tsar faces probe over claim he had affair with wife of soldier who wanted help

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 22:00
Major Glenn Haughton, 49, who is the Armed Forces' 'mental health champion', is being investigated over claims of an affair with the wife of a junior soldier who approached him for help.
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Superman director Richard Donner dies at age 91: also behind four Lethal Weapon movies

Mail Online - Mon, 2021-07-05 21:56
The man behind many blockbuster movies from the Eighties - including Superman, The Goonies and Lethal Weapon - passed away on Monday, according to his wife, Lauren Schuler Donner.
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