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Police launch murder probe after man in his 50s is stabbed to death in north London

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 21:55
The victim, aged in his 50s, was found on Essex Road in Islington with stab wounds around 5.30pm today. He was pronounced dead minutes later
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Police bust £5m money laundering operation

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 21:51
Ruslan Shamsutdinov, 36, was seen 'noticeably struggling' outside a block of flats in Fulham, south-west London, as he carried the bags. Police discovered a 'considerable amount' of bank notes.
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Could Zinc Batteries Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries on the Power Grid?

Slashdot - Sat, 2021-05-29 21:34
Slashdot reader sciencehabit shares Science magazine's look at efforts to transform zinc batteries "from small, throwaway cells often used in hearing aids into rechargeable behemoths that could be attached to the power grid, storing solar or wind power for nighttime or when the wind is calm." With startups proliferating and lab studies coming thick and fast, "Zinc batteries are a very hot field," says Chunsheng Wang, a battery expert at the University of Maryland, College Park. Lithium-ion batteries — giant versions of those found in electric vehicles — are the current front-runners for storing renewable energy, but their components can be expensive. Zinc batteries are easier on the wallet and the planet — and lab experiments are now pointing to ways around their primary drawback: They can't be recharged over and over for decades. For power storage, "Lithium-ion is the 800-pound gorilla," says Michael Burz, CEO of EnZinc, a zinc battery startup. But lithium, a relatively rare metal that's only mined in a handful of countries, is too scarce and expensive to back up the world's utility grids. (It's also in demand from automakers for electric vehicles.) Lithium-ion batteries also typically use a flammable liquid electrolyte. That means megawatt-scale batteries must have pricey cooling and fire-suppression technology. "We need an alternative to lithium," says Debra Rolison, who heads advanced electrochemical materials research at the Naval Research Laboratory. Enter zinc, a silvery, nontoxic, cheap, abundant metal. Nonrechargeable zinc batteries have been on the market for decades. More recently, some zinc rechargeables have also been commercialized, but they tend to have limited energy storage capacity. Another technology — zinc flow cell batteries — is also making strides. But it requires more complex valves, pumps, and tanks to operate. So, researchers are now working to improve another variety, zinc-air cells... Advances are injecting new hope that rechargeable zinc-air batteries will one day be able to take on lithium. Because of the low cost of their materials, grid-scale zinc-air batteries could cost $100 per kilowatt-hour, less than half the cost of today's cheapest lithium-ion versions. "There is a lot of promise here," Burz says. But researchers still need to scale up their production from small button cells and cellphone-size pouches to shipping container-size systems, all while maintaining their performance, a process that will likely take years.

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The Masked Dancer: Jordan Banjo is REVEALED as Viper

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 21:27
The Diversity star, 28, was unmasked after he lost out when the judges chose to save Knickerbocker Glory and Beetroot instead on Saturday's show.
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Southwest Airlines captain given probation for exposing his genitals and watching porn

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 21:01
Michael Haak pled guilty having been charged in federal court with lewd, indecent or an obscene act which was 'a prank'. Haak was in the cockpit flying from Philadelphia to Orlando.
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Mike Pompeo says Wuhan Institute of Virology was conducting secret military research

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 20:45
'What I can say for sure is this: we know that they were engaged in efforts connected to the People's Liberation Army inside of that laboratory,' Pompeo said Saturday of the lab in Wuhan.
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Supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna is seeking child support from her ex Adam Cahan after loss of income

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 20:44
Supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna is seeking child support from her ex fiancé Adam Cahan, pictured together right, for their daughter Alaska, 5, after her income plummeted during the pandemic.
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Now Generally Available: Microsoft's Open Source Java Distribution, 'Microsoft Build of OpenJDK'

Slashdot - Sat, 2021-05-29 20:34
"Microsoft has announced general availability of the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, the open-source version of the Java development kit," reports ZDNet: The release follows the April preview of the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, a long-term support distribution of OpenJDK... Microsoft announced general availability for the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK at its Build 2021 conference for developers. Microsoft is a major user of Java in Azure, SQL Server, Yammer, Minecraft, and LinkedIn, but it's only been supporting Java in Visual Studio Code tooling for the past five years. "We've deployed our own version of OpenJDK on hundreds of thousands of virtual machines inside Microsoft and LinkedIn," Julia Liuson, corporate vice president of Microsoft's developer division, told ZDNet. "Across the board Microsoft has over 500,000 VMs running Java at Microsoft. We're also providing that to customers as well for Azure...." "We believe Microsoft is uniquely positioned to be a partner in the language community. We can do a lot of direct contribution to the JDK community and we do world-class tooling, which is VS Code." Microsoft's contributions to OpenJDK — an open-source JDK for the most popular Linux distributions — includes work on the garbage collector and writing capabilities for the Java runtime. The Microsoft Build of OpenJDK is available for free to deploy in qualifying Azure support plans. It includes binaries for Java 11 based on OpenJDK 11.0.11, on x64 server, and desktop environments on macOS, Linux and Windows, according to Microsoft... Its download page at touts it as "Free. Open Source. Freshly Brewed!" And they describe it as "a new no-cost long-term supported distribution and Microsoft's new way to collaborate and contribute to the Java ecosystem."

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Crew rescued after yacht runs aground near Fambridge

This Is Total Essex - Sat, 2021-05-29 20:27
The Essex Police Marine Unit was dispatched to the scene,
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Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds 'wed in secret Bank Holiday ceremony at Westminster Cathedral' 

Mail Online - Sat, 2021-05-29 19:54
Mr Johnson, 56, exchanged vows with Ms Symonds, 33, in Catholic Westminster Cathedral in front of a handful of close friends and family.
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A New Worker-Owned Cooperative Starts Competing With Uber and Lyft

Slashdot - Sat, 2021-05-29 19:34
The New York Times reports that for years, Uber and other ride-hailing companies "offered the promise of entrepreneurship to drivers" to drivers eager to set their own schedules. "But some drivers never received the control and independence they had expected." They struggled with the costs of vehicle maintenance, loans and insurance, and they questioned whether Uber and Lyft paid a fair wage. Legislative efforts to grant them employment benefits were thwarted. Now, dissatisfied drivers and labor advocates are forming worker-owned cooperatives in an attempt to take back some of the money — and power — in the gig economy. The Drivers Cooperative, which opened for business in New York this week, is the most recent attempt. The group, founded by a former Uber employee, a labor organizer and a black-car driver, began issuing ownership shares to drivers in early May and will start offering rides through its app on Sunday. The cooperative has recruited around 2,500 drivers so far and intends to take a smaller commission than Uber or Lyft and charge riders a lower fare. It is an ambitious plan to challenge the ride-hailing giants, and it faces the same hurdles that tend to block other emerging players in the industry: Few have the technical prowess, the venture capital dollars or the supply of readily available drivers to subvert an established company like Uber. Still, drivers who joined the effort said even a small cooperative could make a big difference in their work, allowing them to earn more money and have a say in the way the company was run. The Drivers Cooperative said it planned to pay 10 percent above the wage minimums set by the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission, and return profits to drivers in the form of dividends. One of the labor organizers who founded the Drivers Cooperative tells the Times that "I've never seen this hunger for change that exists with drivers."

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