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Microsoft brings Trusted Platform Module functionality directly to CPUs under securo-silicon architecture Pluton

Tue, 2020-11-17 19:15
Intel, AMD, Qualcomm are all on board

Microsoft has joined hands with Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm to release a new security chip called Pluton, which Redmond reckons will delete "entire vectors of attack" from the infosec landscape.…

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A visit to a crafted webpage would have been enough for a bad guy to munch all your Firefox for Android cookies

Tue, 2020-11-17 18:33
So make sure you've updated since July, fandroids

A crafty person could have slurped every single cookie from a Firefox-using Android device by tricking a user to look at a specially crafted HTML file.…

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Snowflake rolling out support for unstructured data, ETL in its cloud, and launches data services marketplace

Tue, 2020-11-17 17:15
SnoSQL for Snowflake? Flurry of tech releases follow $33bn IPO

Enjoying an avalanche of interest since its $33bn IPO, cloud-based data warehouse slinger Snowflake is promising support for unstructured data, ETL within its data cloud, and partners in its data market.…

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OPPO showcases 'rollable' concept phone that turns into a tablet – no bending needed

Tue, 2020-11-17 16:40
'Yeah, that's how we roll,' an exec may have said at some point

Smartphone brand OPPO has shown off its first "rollable" concept phone – though at this stage it isn't clear if this will go into full blown production.…

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America's largest radio telescope close to collapse as engineers race to fix fraying cables

Tue, 2020-11-17 15:37
900-ton receiver platform threatens to plummet into dish below

The remaining cables supporting a 900-ton platform hanging over America’s largest radio telescope are struggling to take the load, threatening the 1,000-ft wide reflector dish.…

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VMware names virtual firewalls as first workload it will offload to SmartNICs

Tue, 2020-11-17 14:59
Stateful L4 and L7 protection coming ... eventually

VMware has revealed that it has firewall vendors in its sights by announcing that the security appliances will be virtualised to run on SmartNICs under its ‘Project Monterey’ plan to relieve CPUs from the chore of running network functions.…

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Legendary hacker and L0pht member Peiter Zatko joins Twitter as security chief

Tue, 2020-11-17 14:03
Mudge work to be done after high-profile Bitcoin scam earlier this year

Twitter has hired legendary hacker Peiter "Mudge" Zatko as head of security.…

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Tablets and Chromebooks are hot, towers and desktops are not: El Reg combs through Q3 PC numbers

Tue, 2020-11-17 13:03
Flippin' Dell! All major vendors lifted by pandemic purchasing frenzy... except one

Chromebooks, tablets, and ultraslim notebooks dominated global growth of PC shipments into retailers and distributors in Q3 as demand for desktops melted away, according to the latest stats from Canalys.…

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Reports of one's death have been greatly exaggerated: French radio station splurges obituary bank over interwebs

Tue, 2020-11-17 12:20
Come to think of it, has anyone checked in with the Queen lately?

It's one of the industry's worst-kept secrets that media orgs write obituaries for prominent figures ahead of time, and premature publication can seem like a fate worse than death for a humiliated newsroom.…

Categories: Technology

Edinburgh Woollen Mill ransomware claim: Crims demand cash from target in administration

Tue, 2020-11-17 11:37
Egregor gang publishes stolen data snippet but did anyone receive their extortion note?

Ransomware criminals who targeted Edinburgh Woollen Mill are congratulating themselves on infiltrating the business and publishing their usual extortion demands – unaware the company has crashed into administration.…

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Heavy-duty case closed: Peli tried to steal from rightful owner, says Nominet

Tue, 2020-11-17 10:28
Complaint was 'inaccurate' and tried to 'deceive' arbitrator, declares UK domain name registry

Peli, makers of heavy plastic boxes, has been labelled a reverse domain name hijacker by Nominet after wrongly claiming ownership of a disputed website name.…

Categories: Technology

Windows 10 installation shows shopping centre its sad face – the natural response to finding out you're in Peterborough

Tue, 2020-11-17 09:30
Watch as we effortlessly segue from BSODs to hovertrains

Bork!Bork!Bork!  It is tech mirroring life in today's edition of Bork as the text-based BSOD of yore is replaced by… the Sad Face of 2020.…

Categories: Technology

UK, Canada could rethink the whole 'ban Huawei' thing post-Trump, whispers Huawei

Tue, 2020-11-17 08:56
Veep needles British government: Without us, you'll 'widen the north-south digital divide'

Analysis  Huawei isn’t waiting for Donald Trump to concede, or, in fact, even leave the White House, before flexing its muscles again.…

Categories: Technology

Baby Yoda stowed away on Crew Dragon, boards International Space Station

Tue, 2020-11-17 08:31
Japanese Astronaut Soichi Noguchi bringing soft toy into space was only surprise as Crew-1 docked

Crew-1, the first ever four-passenger flight to the International Space Station (ISS) and also the first time NASA has formally used a commercial craft to carry astronauts, has docked safely.…

Categories: Technology

Apple's privacy pledges: We sent dev checks over plain HTTP, logged IP addresses. We bypass firewall apps

Tue, 2020-11-17 07:51
Big Sur highlights shortcomings in OCSP comms, APIs

Analysis  Apple plans to revise the way it checks the trustworthiness of Mac applications when they're run – after server problems last week during the launch of macOS Big Sur prevented people's desktop apps from starting.…

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End the year as you mean to go on... with world-class cyber-security training

Tue, 2020-11-17 07:00
Top speakers, new courses, all live online

Promo  If you work in cybersecurity you’ll know that come December, it’s time to kick back, take stock… and prepare for whatever devilish tricks the hacker community is planning to pull over Christmas and into 2021. And this year and next can be expected to be particularly challenging, with cyber criminals looking to take advantage of a chaotic 2020, whether it’s by targeting the security gaps opened up as your workforce has gone remote or ripping the headlines for enticing spear phishing material.…

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Huawei sells low-end Honor handset business due to 'tremendous pressure' in supply chain

Tue, 2020-11-17 06:27
Consortium of dealers and resellers buys 70-million-a-year handset-maker

Huawei has sold its low-end Honor handset business and all-but admitted the deal was necessary due to US technology export restrictions.…

Categories: Technology

Max Schrems is back... and he's challenging Apple's 'secret iPhone advertising tracking cookies' in Europe

Tue, 2020-11-17 06:03
US giant breaks privacy law by generating per-user 'digital license plate' without permission – claim

Privacy activist Max Schrems is back, and this time he has filed complaints against Apple for privacy violations over a cookie it places in iPhones for some advertisers.…

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A year of software testing appears wasted as ‘upgrade’ shutters Australian stock exchange on its debut

Tue, 2020-11-17 05:29
Trading proves a tricky combination

Australia’s stock exchange took most of Monday off, without warning, after new software went live ...and quickly created problems that made trading inadvisable.…

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Micropayments company Coil distributes new privacy policy with email that puts users' addresses in the ‘To:’ field

Tue, 2020-11-17 04:58
Hundreds of email addresses exposed, customers predictably less-than-thrilled

Micropayments company Coil has emailed users its new privacy policy but placed hundreds of their addresses in the “To:” field and therefore breached their privacy.…

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