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Oracle Database 11g release 2 has been released. Key improvements include

  • creating a response file from an interactive installation to drive later non-interactive installations;
  • database duplication of a closed database;
  • database branching through 'editions';
  • partitioning by virtual columns;
  • parallel execution across RAC buffer caches;
  • better integration of RAC features and cluster verification into assistants;
  • storage of cluster registry, voting disks and oracle homes in ASM;
  • server control for non-RAC databases and other processes;
  • email notifications from the scheduler;
  • a file watcher schedule event;
  • better IPv6 support;
  • ASM filesystem snapshots;
  • ASM file permissions and feature integration into asmcmd;
  • restartable installations after failures;
  • patching via dbcontrol;
  • time zone maintenance improvements;
  • segmentless tables and indexes;
  • new spatial 3D visualisation framework;
  • a database filesystem, and
  • user defined filters for external table data (e.g. decompression and decryption).

Note that the storage of the cluster registry, voting disks and database files on raw partitions is no longer supported. You may continue to use these features when upgrading but new installations do not allow the use of raw partitions.