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2.4 Network Configuration


Show the status of the network and its interfaces and IP addresses.


Set the TCP/IP bind port for incoming SSH connections. A restart will be required.


Add the IPv6 address xxxx:... to the default network interface. The IPv6 address must be specified in full without contraction into :: nor removal of leading 0’s.


Remove the manually added IPv6 network address from the default network interface.


Set the host name of this PiRoute terminal server to abc.


Change the Message Of The Day (MOTD). You will be greeted with a prompt.

Enter Message Of The Day [ESC then RETURN to

At this point, enter your new multi-line message – which will be seen by each user after a login – and finish with the Escape Key (ESC) then Carriage Return (CR). To abort and leave the MOTD unchanged, issue an SSH BREAK.