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Updated: 43 min 12 sec ago

Customs raid rumbles black market for primary school e-learning materials in fiercely competitive Hong Kong

1 hour 28 min ago
Kids have missed almost an entire year of education due to coronavirus so parents have sought help online

Five people were arrested in Hong Kong this week for selling electronic question banks for primary schools online. Hong Kong Customs detected the operation and seized over 59,000 suspect teaching materials.…

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Watchdog thinks Google tricked Australians into giving up data, sues. Judge semi-agrees

2 hours 13 min ago
Google employees called the meeting to discuss AP's data privacy reveal the 'Oh Shit' meeting

Australian federal court sent a message to Big Tech about its willingness to act on privacy violations when it ruled today that Google had "partially" misled consumers about collecting mobile phone personal location data.…

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Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud not new tech, but covers hyperscalers' weakness in data integration

2 hours 58 min ago
Picking up the slack on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Vendors should only be allowed to go "cloud-native" once, no matter how many times they try to pull off the publicity trick. We can decide later how we'll police this house rule – electrical clamps to the nodes, anyone? – but for now let's look a recent suspect: Informatica.…

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Best of FRANDs: Judge allows Apple retrial following $506m patent infringement ruling

3 hours 43 min ago
PanOptis was obliged to provide 4G LTE licences – but no one mentioned it

A federal judge in Texas has allowed Apple a limited retrial [PDF] in its battle with PanOptis, which stung the iPhone maker for $506m in damages over claims it infringed the company's 4G LTE patents.…

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How not to apply for a new job: Apply for it on a job site

4 hours 28 min ago
Watch as I channel my digital Yosser Hughes, violence included

Something for the Weekend, Sir?  Gizza job*. I can do that. Go on, giz it.…

Categories: Technology

Patent battle over Facebook Live and 'walkie talkie' tech rattles through High Court in London

5 hours 13 min ago
Sueball sees social network squaring off against app upstart in UK branch of worldwide fight

A legal battle between a company which says Facebook Live infringes one of its patents and the anti-social networking biz is currently playing out in the High Court of England and Wales as part of a long-running multinational legal battle.…

Categories: Technology

To have one floppy failure is unlucky. To have 20 implies evil magic or a very silly user

6 hours 28 min ago
Not quite what we meant by 'disk capacity'

On Call  Welcome back to On Call and a timely reminder that no matter how careful and clear you think your instructions are, a user will somehow always misunderstand.…

Categories: Technology

We're on our way already: Astroboffins find 5 potentially habitable Tatooine-like planets from Kepler 'scope scans

7 hours 39 min ago
Perhaps gigantic puffy exoplanets aren't as hostile to life as previously thought

Astronomers believe five binary-star systems identified by NASA’s now-defunct Kepler Space Telescope could have the right properties to support extraterrestrial life, according to new calculations.…

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Global chip shortage probably won't let up until 2023, warns TSMC: CEO 'still expects capacity to tighten more'

12 hours 13 min ago
Automotive supply is a 'top priority', analysts told

TSMC this week warned the ongoing global shortage of semiconductor supplies will probably continue throughout this year and next.…

Categories: Technology

Walmart’s Indian outpost FlipKart picks industrial giant’s India-US joint venture for Chennai data center

13 hours 22 min ago
E-commerce wing to also get a huge fulfillment center for Q3 2022

Indian e-commerce company FlipKart, majority owned by US behemoth Walmart, has chosen AdaniConneX to build its third data center in Chennai. It is expected to be one of the largest private cloud deployments in the country,…

Categories: Technology

Mobile app security standard for IoT, VPNs proposed by group backed by Big Tech

Thu, 2021-04-15 22:42
ioXt Alliance aims to bring 'transparency and visibility'

On Thursday the ioXt Alliance, an Internet of Things (IoT) security trade group backed by some of the biggest names in the business, introduced a set of baseline standards for mobile apps, in the hope that IoT security may someday be a bit less of a dumpster fire.…

Categories: Technology

Zorin OS 16 beta claims largest built-in app library 'of any open source desktop ever'

Thu, 2021-04-15 21:15
Linux for Windows switchers: smooth user experience, if users steer clear of Windows apps on Wine

Zorin OS 16 Linux has moved into beta, promising improved performance and a more extensive application Store covering Flathub and Snap as well as old-style repositories.…

Categories: Technology

Ever wondered what it's like working for Microsoft? Leaked survey shines a light on how those at the code coalface feel

Thu, 2021-04-15 20:02
Lowest scoring sections were 'performance' and 'deal', but it looks like it could be a lot worse

You aren't the only one feeling like you're giving more than you're getting from your employer – a chunk of Microsofties are of the same opnion.…

Categories: Technology

Deno 1.9 update includes proposal cold-shouldered in February, now hyped as '3x faster' performance bump

Thu, 2021-04-15 19:08
Plus HTTP/2 web server written in Rust

Deno 1.9 hit the streets this week touting new features including an HTTP/2 server written in Rust.…

Categories: Technology

Oracle pumps $1.2bn into Nashville campus as search for southern comfort goes on

Thu, 2021-04-15 18:19
Mayor thrilled with $175m up front for Guitar Town infrastructure projects

Oracle is continuing its journey into the heart of the southern United States with a $1.2bn investment in a new campus in Nashville, set to create 8,500 new jobs.…

Categories: Technology

Pigeon fanciers in a flap over Brexit quarantine flock-up, seek exemption from EU laws

Thu, 2021-04-15 17:33
It won't fly. 'We are collateral damage'

Things have taken a tern for the worse for the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, which is seeking an exemption from the EU for a law that takes flight tomorrow, so their birds can participate in a long distance European race.…

Categories: Technology

It was Russia wot did it: SolarWinds hack was done by Kremlin's APT29 crew, say UK and US

Thu, 2021-04-15 16:49
And Positive Technologies has been slapped with American sanctions

Russia’s infamous APT 29, aka Cozy Bear, was behind the SolarWinds Orion attack, the US and UK governments said today as America slapped sanctions on Russian infosec companies as well as expelling diplomats from that country’s US embassy.…

Categories: Technology

University of Hertfordshire pulls the plug on, well, everything after cyber attack

Thu, 2021-04-15 16:04
Another UK institution topples at the hands of miscreants

The University of Hertfordshire has fallen victim to a cyber attack that has resulted in the establishment pulling all its systems offline to deal with the situation.…

Categories: Technology

Vintage? Good for vinyl records, bad for systems of record

Thu, 2021-04-15 15:14
Emulation could make more sense than migration. Here’s why…

Webcast  There’s nothing like the joy finding a piece of vintage vinyl on eBay, having it appear on your doorstep, then watching your friends’ faces light up as you drop the needle into the groove.…

Categories: Technology

Last chance to grab an iPhone Mini as savvy analyst reckons Apple will scrap it next year

Thu, 2021-04-15 14:33
Incoming iPhone 13 could be final slimline version

All good things come to an end. And pointless things, too, with Apple reportedly planning to discontinue the iPhone Mini after the next iteration expected later this year.…

Categories: Technology