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ESP32 port of libssh

After significant and long-standing demand, I am porting the libssh library to the ESP32 system-on-chip as an Arduino library.


  • Compiles without errors.
  • Links without any symbols missing.
  • SSH Server example functional.
  • SSH Client example functional.

Further Work

  • Create a pull request for arduino-esp32 to make minor fixes and allow this library to compile (done, but needs to be re-done on the upstream esp-idf repository).
  • Make the source tree release-clean (complete).
  • Push to GitHub (done, version 0.2.0 pushed on 25th April 2020).
  • Publish on the Arduino library list (complete).

Bugs to be squashed

  • SSH server does not listen on IPv6 addresses, only IPv4 addresses (done, example listened on IPv4 address by default, so supplied a parameter to permit both IPv4 and IPv6).
  • Timeout when SSH client attempts connection to server over a routed TCP/IP connection (no longer an issue).

The library and source code are available on GitHub in the LibSSH-ESP32 project.  More details will be posted here when available.