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Presenting Ordnance Survey Meridian 2 data in QGIS

Chelmsford, Essex 1:25,000 Meridian 2 QGIS
Romford, London 1:55,000 Meridian 2 QGIS
Purfleet, Essex 1:90,000 Meridian 2 QGIS

Below are QGIS QML stylesheets for OS OpenData Meridian 2 layers.  Ordnance Survey data has been available for a while for download as OS OpenData.  Also provided are SLDs for ESRI.  However these SLDs do not import correctly into QGIS.


Mapping UK crime data HowTo

QGIS showing Essex street crimes
Local street crimes in Basildon, Essex

We will create a database and populate it with UK streets and incidents of street crime. We will then plot the crimes on an interactive map for further analysis.

We will create a PostgreSQL PostGIS database on the local machine. Eventually all our spatial data will be stored here.


Google street view covers 95% of UK

Google have updated their street view software to cover 95% of the UK. To give it a try, visit with Javascript enabled, search for your location, then drag the little orange man (at the top of the left-hand zoom bar) onto the map or zoom all the way in. Streets that are navigable will be shown in blue.

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