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Historic Welsh tearoom was left to grow 'in sympathy' with the public during lockdown

Mail Online - 14 hours 21 min ago
During the pandemic Tim Maddox and his wife Ayla decided to leave the Virginia creeper to grow 'in sympathy' with the general public, who have been denied a trip to the hairdressers by Covid-19.
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Blair-era target to send 50 percent of young people to university is axed

Mail Online - 14 hours 34 min ago
Chancellor Rishi Sunak will use next week's mini-Budget to announce more funding for apprenticeships. One government source described the 50% target, as 'middle-class bull***'.
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Memorial for dog with a racist name which died in 1902 is removed from graveyard 

Mail Online - 14 hours 38 min ago
The gravestone of a dog named the 'N word' based in Warwickshire has been removed by Coventry City Council in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. The animal died nearly 120 years ago.
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Twitter Engineers Replacing Racially Loaded Tech Terms Like 'Master,' 'Slave'

Slashdot - 14 hours 59 min ago
For Regynald Augustin, a Black programmer at Twitter, the impetus for change arrived in an email last year with the phrase "automatic slave rekick." The words were just part of an engineering discussion about restarting a secondary process, but they prompted Augustin to start trying to change Twitter's use of words with racist connections. Augustin was used to seeing the term "slave" in technical contexts. "But with 'rekick' -- I was madder than I ever thought I'd be in the workplace," he said. From a report: First on his own and then joining forces with another engineer, Kevin Oliver, he helped spearhead an effort to replace terms like "master," "slave," "whitelist" and "blacklist" with words that didn't hearken back to oppressive parts of United States history and culture. He recounted his thoughts at the time: "This has to stop. This isn't cool. We have to change this now." No one expects that changing technical terms will end centuries of racial injustice. But some people at technology companies, including Oliver and Augustin at Twitter, are pressing for the changes that are within their reach. That includes the effort to replace racially fraught technology terms like "master" and "slave" that describe things like databases, software projects, camera flashes and hard drives. Managers at the social network formalized the two engineers' effort in January, endorsing work to address the issue systematically across the engineering division and expanding it to terms linked to discrimination on the basis of sex, age and disabilities -- replacing "man hours" and "sanity check," for example. Oliver and Augustin detailed the effort in an exclusive interview with CNET. Twitter is the latest company to make these changes. In recent weeks, scores of firms including JPMorgan GitHub, and developers of Python, Go, and Android have adopted similar measures.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Patients can now send WhatsApp-style messages to their doctors, writes NHS CEO Simon Stevens

Mail Online - 15 hours 18 sec ago
Simon Stevens said the pandemic has been the toughest challenge in its history. Since January, the NHS has gone from offering 150,000 'virtual' outpatient appointments to nearly 1.5million a month.
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Estate agents are banned from saying 'master bedroom' due to its allusions to sexism and slavery

Mail Online - 15 hours 11 min ago
Agents across London and the south will stop using the term 'master bedroom' and instead will introduce the room as the 'primary' or 'principal' bedroom when they are showing a house.
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Weak pound will make holiday hotspots more expensive as Britons

Mail Online - 15 hours 14 min ago
Experts have put the fall in the pound against the euro down to Britain's struggle against coronavirus, and uncertainty around Brexit negotiations, after peaking in February after the general election.
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Coronavirus could keep Ghislaine Maxwell locked up for longer

Mail Online - 15 hours 36 min ago
The alleged madam of Jeffrey Epstein might be stuck in jail in New Hampshire, US for weeks before she is moved to New York to be formally arraigned on child sex trafficking charges.
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Motorists are facing the worst weekend on the roads in five years

Mail Online - 15 hours 54 min ago
More than 10million Britons are expected to hit the road as pubs, the RAC said. Its surveys suggest this marks the busiest non-Christmas or Easter weekend since the 2015 August bank holiday.
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Lady and the Tramp's spaghetti moment is voted the nation's favourite restaurant movie scene 

Mail Online - 15 hours 54 min ago
Moviegoers have lapped it up ever since it was first shown 65 years ago.
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Police showered with bottles as they try to break up an illegal block party in west London

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:55
Officers were forced to retreat after they were showered with glass as they tried to break up 'an unlicensed music event' in White City, west London.
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Five-star fugitive Ghislaine Maxwell: A pampered life on the run

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:53
Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged madam of Jeffery Epstein, was found in a $1m luxury house in New Hampshire, US, after staging a photo in Los Angeles to throw investigators off her scent.
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Ghislaine Maxwell will NEVER sell out Prince Andrew says confidante Laura Goldman

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:41
Laura Goldman, who has been friends with Ghislaine Maxwell for several years, has said she would 'never sell out' Prince Andrew, after she was arrested on child sex charges.
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Cynical skincare myths every woman MUST read from Caroline Hirons' best-selling beauty bible

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:40
Skincare blogger Caroline Hirons (pictured) gives her verdict on misleading marketing plots and long-held beauty myths in her new book Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide.
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Public school pupils take more drugs and start drinking at a younger age, study claims 

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:33
Pupils from private schools start drinking at a younger age, binge drink more frequently and take more drugs than state-educated ones, a study claims.
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New Hampshire county jail where Ghislaine Maxwell is

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:31
Spencer Kuvin told in an exclusive interview that Maxwell 'knows too much' and that powerful people may want to silence her even as she is locked up.
Categories: UK News

Matt Hancock reveals his own struggles with coronavirus

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:29
Matt Hancock was struck down by Covid-19 at the same time as Boris Johnson. The Health Secretary met his much-vaunted target of 100,000 Covid tests a day in the last week of May.
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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court showdown begins

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:24
ALISON BOSHOFF: Johnny Depp is aiming to clear his name of allegations that he beat second wife Amber Heard in a sensational High Court case that starts in London next week.
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Prince William raises a pint to pub re-openings in England as he visits one of his locals in Norfolk

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:17
Prince William, 38, visited The Rose & Crown in Snettisham, Norfolk today. During his visit, he spoke to the pub's landlords and staff members about their experiences of the pandemic.
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ESA releases stunning fly over video of Korolev crater covered in a thick layer of water ice 

Mail Online - Fri, 2020-07-03 23:13
ESA is transporting Earthlings to Mars, without them having to leave their home. The space agency released a stunning fly over of Korolev crater, which is coated in a thick layer of water ice.
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