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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially SHUT DOWN their Sussex Royal charity

Mail Online - 10 min 29 sec ago
BREAKING NEWS: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly filed paperwork to dissolve their Sussex Royal charity. More to follow on this story.
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Coronavirus UK: Police make checks at Leicester railway station

Mail Online - 17 min 3 sec ago
British transport police are now busy making checks at Leicester train station, monitoring the comings and goings ahead of the weekend after the city went back into coronavirus lockdown.
Categories: UK News

British ISIS bride Samia Hussein says an arm and one of her breasts were blown off in Syria

Mail Online - 18 min 34 sec ago
Samia Hussein, a 25-year-old from Southall, west London, blamed ISIS for the loss of her arm. She said the caliphate put women and children at risk by storing supplies next to houses filled with families.
Categories: UK News

Powys mother-of-two tells how her leg 'blew up like a balloon' after she was bitten 'by an adder'

Mail Online - 18 min 35 sec ago
Charlotte Brown (pictured), 38, was left in agony after an adder emerged from under the pool and sank its fangs into her leg in Berriew, Powys.
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Conservationists slam Boris Johnson's claims NEWTS are to blame for houses shortage as 'ridiculous'

Mail Online - 18 min 42 sec ago
Conservationists have slammed the Prime Minister's claims that newts are getting in the way of building new homes for Britons as 'ridiculous'.
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Queen's cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten spent lockdown with his husband and ex-wife

Mail Online - 18 min 44 sec ago
Lord Ivar Mountbatten and his husband James have three months living with Ivar's ex-wife Penny at their home of Bridwell Park, Devon.
Categories: UK News

UK's coronavirus outbreak was even deadlier than SAGE's 'worst-case scenario'

Mail Online - 21 min 9 sec ago
SAGE estimated 50,000 Britons could die by September if compliance with lockdown was low, in a report submitted to ministers on March 29. But the death toll passed 50,000 weeks ago.
Categories: UK News

50% fewer COVID-19 patients died when treated with hydroxychloroquine

Mail Online - 22 min 51 sec ago
A Henry Ford Health System study of more than 2,500 patients found that death rates were 50% lower among those treated with hydroxychlrooquine. The results suggest the drug works if used early.
Categories: UK News

Biologists claim first evidence of oral venom glands in amphibians

Mail Online - 30 min 58 sec ago
US and Brazilian biologists discovered the oral glands in ringed caecilians - serpent-like amphibians that are related to frogs and salamanders.
Categories: UK News

Uber Eats cuts ties with BBC comic Guz Khan after 'disgusting' jibe at Home Secretary Priti Patel

Mail Online - 31 min 37 sec ago
Uber Eats have no future plans to work with BBC comedian Guz Khan again after he tweeted a 'disgusting' jibe to Home Secretary Priti Patel asking 'Shall we have curry for dinner tonight?'
Categories: UK News

Photos show huge queues outside Primark ahead of Super Saturday

This Is Total Essex - 31 min 49 sec ago
The queue went round the bend and into another road
Categories: Essex News

Epstein investigators 'want to talk to' Guinness family aristocrat

Mail Online - 32 min 11 sec ago
Sources claim that US investigators want to contact former Epstein associate Clare Hazell, who became the Countess of Iveagh when she married into the Guinness brewing family in 2001.
Categories: UK News

If you wanna make your own open-source chip, just Google it. Literally. Web giant says it'll fab them for free

The Register - 37 min 18 sec ago
Plus: IBM emits BlueGene/Q CPU blueprints – and 'fastest' open-source RISC-V core emerges

If you're doodling your own computer chip yet wondering if you'll ever see it physically manufactured, Google is offering to fabricate it for you for free.…

Categories: Technology

A collection of Winston Churchill memorabilia was discovered in a jigsaw box about to be thrown away

Mail Online - 37 min 45 sec ago
A collection of Winston Churchill memorabilia was discovered in a jigsaw box by a 60-year old clerk. The items belonged to Churchill's personal chauffeur Reginald Parker, who retired in 1949.
Categories: UK News

Purple 'firework streamers' spotted 8,000 light-years from Earth celebrate birth of new stars

Mail Online - 43 min 55 sec ago
A galaxy that sits 8,000 light-years away from Earth is setting off 'firework streamers' of gas in honor of the birth of a giant cluster. Astronomers say the completion takes one million years.
Categories: UK News

UK weather: Torrential rain and gale-force winds will batter Britain

Mail Online - 51 min 11 sec ago
Tomorrow is set to be mostly overcast across the country, with yet more rain in Wales, the Midlands and North, and a maximum temperature of 66F (19C) or 68F (20C).
Categories: UK News

Famous Little Mermaid statue in Denmark is vandalised with 'Racist Fish' graffiti

Mail Online - 51 min 20 sec ago
Police and commentators were left puzzled Friday as to who might have vandalized the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and what their message really is.
Categories: UK News

Labour backs 'wealth tax' on assets to help coronavirus recovery

Mail Online - 54 min 40 sec ago
Shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds said a levy on assets, rather than income, should be consider as part of a 'new settlement' after the crisis.
Categories: UK News

Police launch search for missing 31-year-old man from Essex

This Is Total Essex - 55 min 53 sec ago
Have you seen Ryan Brown?
Categories: Essex News

One in 10 Covid patients who lose their taste and smell may never get it back

Mail Online - 59 min 38 sec ago
A small study of Italians who had mild bouts of Covid-19 revealed that for some, their sense of smell or taste had not recovered or had even worsened a month after their illness.
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