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Complete guide to install and run Debian GNU/Linux on Asus WL-500W using OpenWRT

There are various articles describing how to install and run Debian GNU/Linux on USB flash memory on an Asus WL-500W. This guide differs in that it will provide a complete end-to-end set of instructions. All you need is an Asus WL-500W, USB flash memory (say, 2 GB in size), a computer to build the firmware and Debian root filesystem, and an Internet connection to get the source code for OpenWRT and packages for Debian.


Toshiba mini retractable laser mouse

This is a brief review on the Toshiba mini retractable laser mouse (part number PA3569E-1ETA). There's not really much information out there about this mouse. I picked it up through Amazon for just over £10 with free delivery. For use with Ubuntu GNU/Linux, I wanted something that would work out of the box without requiring pointless drivers. It also needed the middle button to work (most mice are sold as only two-button).


Ubuntu phone

Canonical's Ubuntu is widely reported to be releasing a new mobile cell phone.
Ubuntu now fits your phone
Introducing the superphone that’s also a full PC

And why not run standard PC software on a phone? The hardware is becoming fast enough. In fact my existing phone's processor and memory have a significantly greater specification than my core router which runs Debian GNU/Linux.