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Judge Rinder

Judge Robert Rinder is a criminal barrister. He has a new day time TV show called Judge Rinder on ITV1 HD. This appears to be a British version of the famous Judge Judy. For those people only familiar with Judge Judy, here are some translations. JR: I can smell a fart in a lift = JJ: I'm a truth machine. JR: Porky pies = JJ: Baloney. Curiously the programme finishes by playing the Babylon 5 theme tune.


Audio recording onto vinyl

Slashdot reports that vinyl recording may be making a comeback. Looking at the available parts on, you'll need a turntable, cutter head, RIAA encoder, and 000s of €. The cutter gear clamps onto the turntable. Also for sale are kits to halve the angular velocity of the turntable.


POV-Ray animation, transparent web graphics tutorial


Here you will find a complete, worked, end-to-end tutorial for building your own transparent (with alpha channel) animated ray-traced graphics on your web site. The intention is to use a process without any manual steps so that the animation build is completely automated.

For the impatient, download and unpack the supplied TGZ file and run make then view torus-150x120.html in your web browser.



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