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The Ale House late May Bank Holiday beer festival 2013

There's not much time until The Ale House late May Bank Holiday beer festival 2013, which starts on Thursday 23rd of May and finishes on Monday 27th May. The event will be held at ​​The Ale House, ​24–26 Viaduct Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 1TS. Telephone 01245 260535.


Toshiba mini retractable laser mouse

This is a brief review on the Toshiba mini retractable laser mouse (part number PA3569E-1ETA). There's not really much information out there about this mouse. I picked it up through Amazon for just over £10 with free delivery. For use with Ubuntu GNU/Linux, I wanted something that would work out of the box without requiring pointless drivers. It also needed the middle button to work (most mice are sold as only two-button).


Audio recording onto vinyl

Slashdot reports that vinyl recording may be making a comeback. Looking at the available parts on, you'll need a turntable, cutter head, RIAA encoder, and 000s of €. The cutter gear clamps onto the turntable. Also for sale are kits to halve the angular velocity of the turntable.


NoSQL databases, now 'ACID' compliant?

A well-known problem with NoSQL databases in general is that they do not support the 'ACID' principals held dear by traditional RDBMS DBAs. The Register is reporting that this may soon change with FoundationDB. Atomicity ensures that a transaction is saved or undone, but never exists halfway between the two states. Consistency ensures that only valid data can be stored. Isolation of transactions prevents one transaction interfering with another.



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