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POV-Ray transparent graphics

I have been looking at creating and improving this site's POV-Ray generated graphics.

I have already added an alpha channel. Next, in order to display the favicon better in higher definition displays, I will need to store multiple resolutions in the icon file. Also, use of jitter and radiosity may improve the result.


Web animation with alpha channel

This is probably old now, but I have started (once again) to look at embedding an animation with an alpha channel (transparency) into a web page. I really need to use the PNG format, but need something that is cross-platform, mobile, and friendly in the absence of JavaScript.


Build your own car software

According to Slashdot you may soon be able to develop software for your Ford or Vauxhall/Opel car. This could be exciting news but as yet it is not known what constraints will be in place or whether you are permitted to independently develop software for your own vehicle.

Google street view covers 95% of UK

Google have updated their street view software to cover 95% of the UK. To give it a try, visit with Javascript enabled, search for your location, then drag the little orange man (at the top of the left-hand zoom bar) onto the map or zoom all the way in. Streets that are navigable will be shown in blue.


Oracle Database 11g Release 2 cluster-enabled dbconsole

You may have a small RAC database that is managed with the dbconsole rather than the grid. The documentation states that the console must be started manually on the applicable cluster node(s) whenever it is required. Couldn't the CRS cluster start and stop the dbconsole automatically?


Oracle Database 11g Release 2 new feature: server pools

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 has a new feature named server pools. If a database is created as a policy managed RAC database then policy will dictate where the database instances are placed in the cluster rather than which instances were created on which node at creation time.

Take a cluster of three nodes.



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