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Legal battle on Rwanda flights for migrants could drag on for up to a YEAR

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 23:11
Attempts to fly Channel migrants to Africa will remain on hold until a series of appeals have been heard in the courts.
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Chancellor draws up plans for new tax cuts and aims to help families through cost of living pain

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:53
In a combative interview yesterday, the Chancellor brushed aside market jitters about the £45billion of tax cuts in last week's emergency Budget and declared he was determined to go further.
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The budget beauty buys top make-up artists REALLY use (from as little as £2.99) 

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:48
We asked make-up artist Hannah Martin and six other top beauty insiders - all of whom can get their hands on any luxury product they like - to share which bargain buys they actually use.
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ANDREW PIERCE: Labour warned to steer clear of beheading jokes 

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:42
ANDREW PIERCE: Sir Keir Starmer reacted with visible relief when there were no jeers or boos as the Party faithful sang the national anthem at their conference opening.
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Panic buying sweeps Florida as market shelves are stripped bare ahead Hurricane Ian's 130mph winds

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:42
Supermarket shelves across Florida have been stripped bare as panicked locals prepare for the first major hurricane to make landfall in the sunshine state in four years.
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Man found dead in Basildon park

This Is Total Essex - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:37
Police say the death is not being treated as suspicious
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Meghan Markle 'thought she would be the Beyoncé of the UK when she married Harry'

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:35
Meghan Markle thought that she would be the Beyoncé of the UK when she married Prince Harry, a bombshell new book has claimed, suggesting the Sussexes felt 'cornered'.
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Companies could face legal action if work uniforms are not 'menopause friendly'

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:33
Menopause symptoms can include hot flushes, bloating and weight change, leading to discomfort - particularly when work clothing is close-fitting or made from non-breathable fabric.
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Angela Rayner condemns abuse aimed at Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in 'Queuegate' row 

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:32
The Labour deputy leader said that although the This Morning presenters are famous, they still have feelings and must be affected by the backlash they are facing.
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Smile! Cheer-you-up chic is the height of fashion

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:30
Shane Watson shares her tips on how you can brighten up your wardrobe for the autumn and winter and embrace colour, texture and flair.
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Action plan: Nigel Colborn's essential jobs for your garden this week

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:29
Nigel Colborn says that with money being tight, recycling summer plants seems a wise idea. The UK gardening expert advises tender perennials supply plenty of cuttings.
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COLOUR UP FOR SPRING: Planting now can give next year's borders a cheery boost

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:29
Nigel Colborn says that now is the time to start planting if you want a cheerful, colourful spring display. The UK gardening expert advises that tenders plants won't be safe outdoors before May.
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Pocket dynamo set to become Italy's first female Prime Minister

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:28
Pollsters predict she will capture as many as a quarter of the country's votes tomorrow to become queen bee of a new Right-wing government.
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Almost Half of Industrial Robots Are In China

Slashdot - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:21
According to a new report from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), China now has almost half of all the world's robot installations and that it is increasing its lead rapidly. reports: The IFR, which exists to "promote research, development, use and international co-operation in the entire field of robotics," has been reporting that China has been the world leader in implementing industrial robots for the last 8 years. We have not been paying attention. In 3 years, China has almost doubled the number of industrial robot installations. With its 243,000 robot installations in 2020, China has almost half of all the industrial robots in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal. A majority of new industrial robots are used in electronics manufacture (for circuit boards, consumer electronics, etc.) and in automobile assembly, particularly in the surging production of electric vehicles (EVs).One must wonder why China, a country with so much cheap manual labor available, would opt for expensive robots with their special demands for tech support. China may have a giant population (1.4 billion people), but its workforce is actually decreasing, says the IFR, due to an increasing segment of its population aging and a growing competition for service jobs. China also expects a leveling off of its rural-to-urban migration. China's government is determined not to let a declining workforce cause a drop in manufacturing, and as only a centralized, authoritarian government can, it has made robotizing a national priority and has mobilized its forces. China's latest five-year plan for the robotics industry, released in December 2021 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), aims for nothing less than making China a world leader in robot technology and industrial automation. And it appears to be working. China went from 10 robots per ten thousand employees 10 years ago to 246 robots per ten thousand employees in 2020, the ninth best ranking in the world. To keep the robots state of the art and operational, China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security introduced 18 new occupational titles in June, including "robotics engineering technician."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Witnesses describe horrific crash that left one fighting for their life and 10 injured

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:19
One person was fighting for their life and ten other injured after a speeding car ploughed into a group of bystanders at a car meet on the Flixborough Industrial Estate, in Scunthorpe.
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Exposed: Albanian people smuggler called the 'Golden Lion' who makes £1million a week from his trade

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:19
An undercover investigation in the Daily Mail has exposed an Albanian gangster who makes £1million a week smuggling people over the channel, as MPs call for a crackdown on the trade.
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Councils are offering smaller allotments patches as cost of living crisis fuels grow-your-own trend

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:15
As demand for allotments has rocketed, councils are shrinking their plots - with some now 80 times smaller than the traditional 240 square yards once aimed at feeding a family of four.
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Texas girl, 12, shoots father, 38, in abdomen then herself in the head in 'murder pact with friend'

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:12
The 12-year-old girl was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in the street outside her home in Weatherford, Texas, last Tuesday night.
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DR MAX PEMBERTON: As Posh is finding out, it's hard when you're no longer son's No.1

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:10
Dr Max Pemberton says part of the problem comes from the fact that, while we may think of families as steadying constants, they are, in fact, in flux. Newcomers can change that.
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Hannah Betts' Better...not younger: Time to dig out your old CK One: 1990s scents are back 

Mail Online - Sun, 2022-09-25 22:09
Hannah Betts says when it comes to timeless scents, two contemporary classics that have stood the test of time are celebrating their 30th birthdays this year.
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