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Wakelin's Premium Coffee

Wakelin's Premium Coffee: elephant drinking hot coffee on its back using its trunkWakelin's Premium Coffee

Barclays Bank Chelmsford had a pop-up business section running in December this year.  I stopped to chat to the people from Wakelin's Premium Coffee who were there.  Apparently they are local, but do not trade here or have a web site at all.  They sold beans or ground beans at £2.50 for a 250g bag.  Two bags were purchased (blends, which are not my normal thing): House Blend and Italian Passion.


Shooting star in North Essex

In the early hours of this morning at 00:30 GMT I witnessed an unusal shooting star.  It was seen just North of Chelmsford, Essex with a South-to-North direction.  It lasted a couple of seconds and was yellowish in colour.  Its width was quite large and it was visible through the clouds.  What was it?  A satellite in polar orbit breaking up, perhaps?


Platform 3 Chelmsford closed

Platform 3 Chelmsford (Viaduct Road) is closed, gone, shut down... for good it seems.

I visited last month to redeem a lunch time voucher to find it was only opening in the evening.  Now the window of the shop shows a letter stating that the premises have been entered by National Rail.  Has this company gone bust as well?



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