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Asus WL-500W serial to USB cable

Following an upgrade of Debian on my Asus WL-500W I had an unbootable system. Restoring from backups gave me some breathing space but I really needed to move forward with the Debian upgrade and find out why the system was not booting. Some instructions and some online and in-store purchases had me up and running just two days later.


Toshiba mini retractable laser mouse

This is a brief review on the Toshiba mini retractable laser mouse (part number PA3569E-1ETA). There's not really much information out there about this mouse. I picked it up through Amazon for just over £10 with free delivery. For use with Ubuntu GNU/Linux, I wanted something that would work out of the box without requiring pointless drivers. It also needed the middle button to work (most mice are sold as only two-button).


Ubuntu phone

Canonical's Ubuntu is widely reported to be releasing a new mobile cell phone.
Ubuntu now fits your phone
Introducing the superphone that’s also a full PC

And why not run standard PC software on a phone? The hardware is becoming fast enough. In fact my existing phone's processor and memory have a significantly greater specification than my core router which runs Debian GNU/Linux.



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